IMG_3605IMG_3615IMG_3623IMG_3627IMG_3636IMG_3656IMG_3674Sardinia, is an island of Italy, below the French isle Corsica, which sits sort of parallel to Palma Spain and above Tunis Africa. It’s less visited by English tourists than many of the other islands in the med and seems to generally be known as very expensive (perhaps putting off many visitors?)

Sardinia has exquisite sandy beaches with a gentle slope into the sea and the most beautiful azure blue waters I have seen anywhere in the Mediterranean it has been compared to the Carribean.

We stayed in Villasimius a beautiful coastal town in Southeastern Sardinia, with gorgeous buildings and lanes, and many stunning beaches

  • Villasimius takes about 1.5 hours to get to by bus from the capital Cagliari which is where you would most likely fly into, it’s a nice easy journey, you just need to catch the train from the airport station to the city centre and then head to the bus terminal, a bit of google mapping will get you there no problems
  • We stayed at B&B Solemar which had a great location, on the main road in the town, very comfortable room and kind hosts. Nearly all of their previous guests were Italian (from the guest book!) We could pop out from our quiet calm space to the main road and enjoy the hustle and bustle or walk straight down to the beaches in an easy 15-20 minute walk.
  • It was hot! Really really hot! Like we gave up on walking up for lunch and paid the crazy overpriced beachfront price because we actually couldn’t walk in that heat hot and needed to get back in the water asap
  • Acquarius – DELICIOUS PIZZA! And really lovely staff! We went more than once…

We booked our trip to Sardinia quite last minute, on the train back to London from the airport after our trip to Croatia. I had been given a few extra days off around a weekend, so we jumped onto Skyscanner and searched ‘everywhere’ and up popped Cagliari for a reasonable price, Michael said, ‘would Sardinia be good?’ I yelped ‘YES!’ and then we quickly searched for the nicest beach area not too far from Cagliari and came across Villasimius which looked promising. We found a bed and breakfast and were set to go.

We jumped on a bus to get to Villasimius from Cagliari, which was nice and straightforward and only took just over an hour. Once we arrived, we were delighted with our choice!! The township of Villasimius was gorgeous, perched up the hill from many spectacular beaches (think the Caribbean) and our bed and breakfast was very comfortable, with very kind hosts, and right on the main St of Villasimius.

As we’ve found at many bed and breakfast type places, the owners wanted to give us a very thorough welcome, and make sure we knew where all the good spots were. We were itching to get straight to the beach, but this hospitality is so kind so we sat with them a while and I enjoyed the experience.

As soon as we could we headed down to the closest beach on foot, and had that ‘yeeeeessssss, yaaaaaay we are here, life is good’ kind of moment!

We wandered along the first beach ‘Simius’ and scrambled up over the rocks that separate it from the next beach Porto Giunco (which has pink flamingos during the right season!) and watched two girls lead a group of holidaymakers in a hilarious dance in the shallows of the water. Unlike many Italian beaches, there weren’t loads of bars or food places down by the water, there were a couple of more basic kiosks where you could get a drink but not the usual wide selection.

We spent our entire time in Villasimius simply enjoying the simple life, walking, swimming, eating, loving every bit of it!







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