French Alps in Summer

Embrun is a little town in the Hautes-Alpes department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. We were lucky enough to have a family connection, and therefore a home for Mum, Michael and I to stay in for 8 days in early September. We didn’t know much about this little town before we arrived and the plan was simply to relax for the time whilst we were here as it was the longest ‘section’ of our holiday that we had based in one place.


We stayed in the main square of this idyllic village and were able to get as settled in as possible, using the market and local stores on our doorstep to stock up on supplies for the week. The house was very homely and made for an amazing base to simply relax, cook, explore, read, chat, drink wine, eat lovely homemade food and enjoy each others company.


We flew into Nice and hired a car here, and Michael drove us up and up and up into the mountains for about five hours. On a map, Nice/Marseille look a similar distance away from Embrun, however, we found out later, it is faster to drive from Marseille.  We arrived early evening and had the chance to wander around the gorgeous streets and look over the amazing Durance valley hills that Embrun is perched on top of.

Embrun is an active holiday kind of town, with The Ecrins national park and Lac de Serre-Ponçon drawing people in. Michael and I had planned on attempting to tackle some pretty challenging walks, but I was struck down with a cold and we spent much of our time gently strolling the town and walking around or gently swimming the huge lake, Lac de Serre-Ponçon.


Having a car meant we were able to explore much of the near and far area, which we would highly recommend!

Mum and I exploring the gorgeous town of Briancon! Which is the highest town in France, (based on the French definition of having over 2000 inhabitants)


Shopping in the mountains a few hours from Embrun


Another nearby (ish) spot we went off to explore was the fortress in Sisteron. IMG_0913IMG_0909IMG_0905IMG_0896IMG_0891IMG_0885IMG_0880IMG_0932IMG_0952IMG_0962IMG_0976IMG_1023IMG_1010IMG_0987

As you can see, we pretty much had the place to ourselves! It was quite gorgeous! There wasn’t a whole load of information on offer for tourists, and there was an entry fee to get in, but on the whole, it was definitely a worthwhile day trip. We had a crappy lunch at a pizza restaurant in the actual town of Sisteron which was much less pretty and quaint than Embruns town but still nice to have a quick look around.

We adventured around the lake and found these things!!! Which were really quite dramatic in person and totally fascinating.



Our week flew by pretty quickly, and we had managed to relax loads and see lots. We packed up very early one morning and Michael dutifully drove Mum, himself and I back to Nice, to drop the car off and wait for a train to Italy!

We had a whole day to pass by and we weren’t about to lug our suitcases around all day or hang about in a train station……Actually, that’s exactly what we thought we’d have to do but Mum had much more glam plans and got us loungers, lunch and cocktails by the Cote d’Azur! IMG_1402IMG_1398

Thanks Mum =)


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