Aria Lito and Santorini Sunsets


Santorini, needs no introduction, of course. Michael and I both had slight reservations, we were nervous about being underwhelmed as its such a hyped up destination and knew it would likely be crowded, but we decided it can’t be missed on a first trip to the Greek Islands so we thought we’d make this a taster trip, and just booked ourselves two days to explore.

We were certainly not underwhelmed and had two full, fun romantic days zooming around on our ATV soaking up the views and checking out every spot we possibly could in the short time we had.

Our base was the beautiful Aria Lito, in Thira. Aria Lito has a distinct boutique family-run feel, they are very welcoming, smooth and professional, the whole place was very tastefully decorated and it was good value. We didn’t really have to think about any logistics once we arrived, they immediately took over all of this for us. I would stay here again, it was very serene.


We were well looked after here and had a beautiful traditional cave room, which was cool and calming. Within minutes of arriving, the team here arranged for an ATV to be dropped off for us to zoom about the island, and we had loads of fun zipping about on it.




Of course, one of the first places we zipped over to was Oia, and we really enjoyed the ride taking in the volcanic landscape, the quintessential Cyclades dotted white buildings, unusual low lying vines and past the coastline on the way.

MNM Oia copy

We spent a few hours ambling around Oia and had fun finding little paths to take us away from the main road downstairs and onto smaller narrow tracks where few people were.



A friend of mine had recommended we book at Sunsets Restaurant (she went after reading about it on The Londoner), but I completely forgot to get around to doing it before we left. We thought we’d pop to the restaurant on the off chance we’d still be able to book a table. Luckily for us, it was not high season, and they still had a front row table on the terrace. So we booked in and headed back to freshen up. When we got back a few hours later, Oia was PACKED! THOUSANDS of people were absolutely pouring down the narrow street to get to the viewpoints to watch that famous Santorini sunset.

We were SO relieved to have booked, and when we got to our restaurant early, we couldn’t believe the beautiful spot we had! We literally had the best spot, with the best view we could have possibly hoped for.

To be able to book a front row table, you had to order a bottle of wine with your dinner (oh what a shame!) IMG_2480-2IMG_2451-2IMG_2446-2

To be honest, it was actually a little cloudy, so I think we didn’t get the full impact sunset that Santorini is famous for, but we had a mighty romantic night and I couldn’t stop grinning all night long, even as we zoomed back to our hotel on our quad bike in the darkness.  It was a pinch yourself and count your blessings kind of night. Writing about it makes me remember how serene and loved up I felt, I always feel extra extra extra in love with Mikey at times like these.

The next day, we woke up and enjoyed breakfast at our hotel on the garden terrace, then we jumped straight back onto the bike and went to explore the other side of the island, the black and red beaches.


We enjoyed taking in the different landscape and scenery on the way, the roads were pretty rough out there and at some points more like a track than a road with no signage, but luckily, Michael has an amazing GPS-like sense of direction so I just clung on tight and knew we’d find our way. At the beach we dipped our toes in but didn’t go swimming, the wind was pretty fresh and our tummies were beginning to rumble. The beach looked popular with young locals, there was a big group hanging out at the car park area down there, there were no hotels around, a handful of closed up for the season tavernas and we pretty much were only there with a handful of other people. It was a pretty nice excursion.

We spent the rest of the day exploring Thira township, then at the end of the day it was time for us to head back to the ferry terminal and move on to the next Island. We felt like we had a pretty full two days on Santorini, and could see ourselves coming back another time, however, we did feel like we’d seen quite a bit and weren’t too disappointed to be moving on to check out our next destination – Naxos! Until next time Santorini! xxx








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