Freezing in Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck Mountain

Do not take your hands out of your gloves at 8,000 feet in the snow and wind, it hurts!

We loved Innsbruck. We spent three days in Innsbruck between Christmas and New Year. There was less snow than usual, but boy oh boy was it cold.

Innsbruck is very pretty, surrounded by mountain ranges and immense natural beauty and has a beautiful old town. There’s quite a lot to check out and is very easy to get around using public transport. It is easily accessible on the wonderful Austrian train network, we trained in from Salzburg and out to Zurich in Switzerland. The train to Switzerland had wonderful views, and we went through Liechtenstein for about ten minutes which for some reason I was really excited about.

Like usual, we stayed in an Air BnB, unfortunately, this was one of the few places on Airbnb we wouldn’t return, but we didn’t let that ruin our impression of the city!

We jammed a lot into our few days here, and made use of the Innsbruck City Pass, which was about 40 Euros each for 48 hours, we definitely got our money’s worth! It included pretty much all of the sights in Innsbruck, and all public transport, including the Nordketten Cable Cars, which take you up the Nordkette mountains to nearly 8000 feet – if you choose to go all the way to the top. The journey is in three different legs, in three separate cable cars.

There’s honestly so much to do in this little town, and it has an interesting history. If you are outdoorsy, this is a great place to visit, any time of the year!




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