Paris à pied

Michael and I landed in Paris on the last day of Spring, for our honeymoon.
Our first trip to Europe,  full of excitement, wide-eyed and totally jet-lagged.

Our introduction to Paris to magnificent, a local Parisian lady sat next to us on our flight from Singapore. She had kindly written pages of notes, of places to go, things to see, the best cafes, what to order etc.  At the airport, she offered to give us a ride into Paris with her in her taxi, we happily accepted. Unbeknownst to us at first, she had asked the Taxi driver to give us a tour of the city as we drove in! She explained the architecture, the history, took us around the arc di triumph, past the museums we must see, and pointed out everything as we whizzed past, ‘you must go across that bridge to get to this cafe’.

Our accommodation, in the 2nd arrondissement, a few steps from lively Rue Montorgueil, provided the perfect location to explore Paris à pied (on foot).

Walking is our favourite way to explore a new city. In one day alone, we covered at least 25km. Paris is such a well known, lively, diverse, city, with enough culture, food and wine to soak up to enjoy months on end of holiday time and there is so much written on Paris I won’t try to add anything new here! Expect to say, our favourite spot was sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg, drinking red wine by the carafe, listening to a live jazz band play from the pavilion watching Paris go by. We’ll return, again and again

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