On January 23, 2016, Michael and I were married at home in New Zealand.

This was, unequivocally, the best day of our lives so far (and we have been blessed to have had some wonderful days!)

The highlights video link is below:

I cannot express how enveloped in love we felt, this overwhelming feeling of love and joy is just the absolute most amazing thing about a wedding day.

My two favourite moments from the day were Michael and I walking down to our ceremony site alone. Once before we were married and then again after the ceremony, mid-reception, when we were too excited to stomach any food during dinner.

We woke up super early the morning of the wedding after little sleep due to the hot humid weather and walked through the lavender field together first thing, the field was super aromatic and still. Everything felt calm and we stood together taking it all in.

Later during our reception, we decided to take a moment to ourselves to be together and wandered back through the lavender to our ceremony site. The soul-satisfying calm and emotional satiety I felt in these moments are totally indescribable.

Another particularily memorable moment was jumping into the pool with all of our guests at the latter end of the party!

Melody & Michael - 0856

We had a long two-year, two month and two-day engagement. So by the time the day finally came around we were so ready.

The only piece of advice we bothered actively listening to was, as much as possible, to stick together on the day (after the ceremony of course), so you share the same memories of such an important day. Michael even came with me and held my dress up so I could go to the loo, haha! We

We were able to have our venue for several days and extend the events of the wedding over a whole weekend. This meant for us, the day did not flash by in a matter of hours and our memories of our wedding include the whole weekend. Of course, the wedding day was a highlight, but truly some of my most treasured and heartwarming memories are from the days before and after, gathered with our loved ones. We considered eloping at one point in our planning, I am so glad we did not do this. Although I am sure this would have also been wonderful, we wouldn’t have had quite the same experience. Your wedding day isn’t just about you (although the industry will tell you it is), open your heart right up, let all kinds of love in.

I cannot thank our friends and family enough. I will forever be grateful to the extra special troupe of women and men in our lives, who came out the evening before and morning of our wedding, to help us set up, hang out, swim, eat, and generally be wonderful. I love you. Anna, my beautiful bridesmaid and Penny my beautiful friend who acted as our MC need an extra special mention, I love you extra special x

Photography: Meredith Lord
Videography: Firetale
Celebrant: Susan du Jary (gorgeous, happens to be one of my best friends Mum)
Hair & makeup: Suzanne Hardy Hair and makeup Artist
Flowers: Kerin Greville (The Floraliste)
Dress: Anna Schimmel Bridal Designer

We highly recommend all of our vendors

I will leave it with a few photos from the day.

Melody & Michael - 0017

Melody & Michael - 0025Melody & Michael - 0056I really loved how almost old fashioned my flowers were

Melody & Michael - 0089Melody & Michael - 0161Melody & Michael - 0180Melody & Michael - 0108Melody & Michael - 0112It was soo hot upstairs putting my dress on! Penny on the left, Anna on the right, helping me manage my unexpected nerves that suddenly appeared about now!

Melody & Michael - 0188Melody & Michael - 0121That fan was not a prop! Penny had been fanning me to stop me sweating off my makeup before I even made it up the aisle – it was the hottest day we had all summer

Melody & Michael - 0128My beautiful sister and our three adorable nephews, they were 3, 2 and 1 at the time

Melody & Michael - 0123Melody & Michael - 0146My beautiful Mum

Melody & Michael - 0214.jpgMy and Michaels older sisters walking our three page boys up the very long asile

Melody & Michael - 0245Michael waiting with his best man Sean and Susan our celebrant and beloved friend

Melody & Michael - 0244Melody & Michael - 0325Melody & Michael - 0374Melody & Michael - 0402Melody & Michael - 0406Melody & Michael - 0408Melody & Michael - 0409Melody & Michael - 0537Melody & Michael - 0497Melody & Michael - 0548Melody & Michael - 0570Anna, didn’t I say she is beautiful?

Melody & Michael - 0665Melody & Michael - 0679Melody & Michael - 0689Melody & Michael - 0721Melody & Michael - 0737Melody & Michael - 0799Melody & Michael - 0852Melody & Michael - 0856Melody & Michael - 0906Melody & Michael - 0911Melody & Michael - 0916

Melody & Michael - 0944

Melody & Michael - 0955

Melody & Michael - 0967

Melody & Michael - 0981

Melody & Michael - 1044

Melody & Michael - 1071

Melody & Michael - 1054

Melody & Michael - 0993

Melody & Michael - 1076

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